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YSB Staff

Julie Hollar

Beginning as the Bureau’s director in 2004, Julie has overseen much of the evolution of YSB throughout its life. Prior to working with the organization, she’s had 10 years of experience as Activity Director and consultant so she takes great pleasure in ensuring the attendees of the program have many different activities to participate in and learn from, especially in the summer months.


Mika Gonzalez

Mika is a senior student at Texas State University studying criminal justice. Since beginning work with YSB in February 2024, she has made great efforts to make herself available not only to Julie, but to the attendees of the program. Mika is passionate about cultivating a welcoming environment at YSB to provide youth a safe space to learn and grow. Mika aims to be a positive role model for YSB members to rely on if there are ever any issues.  Mika’s goal is to make sure every child remembers the meaningful experiences they have while attending with YSB.

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