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The San Marcos Youth Service Bureau offers free year-round services for youth ages 11 to 17. These services provide volunteer opportunities, mentoring, educational workshops, tutoring, and recreational services. All while providing a safe environment and positive atmosphere. YSB services are free but transportation must be provided to and from the program.
Teen Network Program (TN)



TN is an after school program that runs Monday-Thursday from 4:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. through out the SMCISD school year calendar.  This program is voluntary and is open to youth ages 11-17 who are enrolled in school and who live the San Marcos and Hays County community. 

Active Community Teen Program (ACT)


ACT is an after-school program available on specified days. The program is intended to serve the youth who need to fulfill community service restitution (CSR) hours designated to them by the Juvenile Justice Court System.

YSB Summer Program



​Throughout June to August YSB offers summer programs Monday through Thursday from 12:00pm -5:15pm. These programs are only provided to current YSB members enrolled in TN or ACT. Activities include swim trips, volunteer work, movies, outdoor education, and a special summer STEM project! Teens get to challenge themselves all while enjoying their summer.

Community Service Program (CSR)


Open to individuals 18 and up who need to complete community service hours designated by the judge or court system. Hours may vary but services are offered Monday through Friday. Tasks may include cleaning, working events, helping youth or volunteers or any duty assigned by staff.


            -Fill out an application

            -Bring court papers

            -Pass background check

            -Show up at assigned time

(YSB reserves the right to deny a person based on past offenses and stop serving an individual based on their level of work)

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